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Michelle Obama Reveals SHOCKING Secret: I Was Born a Man!

I was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson, and changed my name to Michelle when I was only 12-years-old, said Obama. I knew that it didn't feel right. I wasn't a boy. I never cared about doing boy things. I just wanted to be a princess, I wanted to ride ponies. When I was a teen, I realized I also liked boys. It was really a confusing, difficult time, but my parents were very supportive.

Obama says she underwent surgery in her late 20s to begin converting to a woman, and the entire process was completed when she was in her early 30s, right before she met Barack.

They are biologically his children, for sure, said Obama. I am not going to disclose who the mother is, because it doesn't matter. I am their mother. They know everything, and they don't care. They see me as their mom, and always will, because that's who I am  I'm mom.

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Michelle Obama Sparks Vice President Run Rumors; Ex-FLOTUS Is Joe Biden's Pick

Michelle Obama recently sparked rumors that she could become the next vice president of the United States.

Despite her firm statement on the matter, experts are still convinced that Michelle could file for candidacy at the last minute. While speaking with the Daily Caller, election expert Allan Lichtman said that Michelle has the highest chance of winning among the other Democratic candidates.

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The Stunning Transformation Of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was both the First Lady and the public's best gal pal. She might be speaking to students, military troops, or VIPs at a White House gala, but somehow she appears to be talking specifically to each of us every time she starts sharing her pearls of wisdom.

Born into a middle-class family on the south side of Chicago, Michelle carved out her extraordinary success through hard work and relentless dedication, boldly challenging the status quo throughout her life. As a former lawyer and Ivy-league graduate, she's used her post as First Lady to advocate for women's rights, education, equality, gun control, and wellness. As she prepares to move out of the White House just after her 53rd birthday, we're celebrating how far she's come...

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Michelle Obama IS Michael LaVaughn Robinson� SHOCKINGLY Barry Calls His Wife Michael NOT Michelle

It's hard to keep a lie hiding this one is an amazing feat indeed, as President Obama must have wanted the world to know, what a burden to keep this huge situation so private. It must be a relief somewhat now that the conversation has begun. People need to be who they need to be we are sprits.

He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III and Marian Shields Robinson. How about this for news, it's hard to imagine this is real, how can anyone report this story is fake. I'm not sure either way so confusing

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Revelation that Michelle Obama is a man hits US mainstream

A google search revealed that Michelle was first ousted (as a man) in a story posted on June 30, 2011 by Matthew Glosser at a web site called Christwire.org. I've reposted his origin Michelle was bornMichael LaVaughn Robinson and was a football player in both high school Photoshop Michelle(photo below) and won a scholarship as a linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers in his first year at college. al article and photos below. The Glosser article says that a former Obama staff member told him that Michael reportedly left school and had a sex change operation on January 13, 1983 (a significant date for Satanists. Helena Stoeckley was also murdered on this date) and afterwards entered Princeton University (which is listed among the top eight universities in the USA with an acceptance rate of only 7%) as a female student, Michelle Robinson.

About two months ago, my office was contacted by an anonymous source who claimed to be a former White House staff member of the Obama administration. He claimed to have sensitive information regarding a stunning revelation about the First Lady, Michelle Obama and he wanted to arrange a meeting with me in person to present the evidence for this claim. Like any good, Christian journalist, I was skeptical at first. Why would you contact me? Are there not dozens of major news outlets you would want to appeal to first? Of course the answers to those questions are very simple. Unlike the days when the media used to do their jobs, like during the Watergate scandal, we are now living in a time when the liberal media simply cannot be trusted. I met with him for the first time yesterday evening and he confirmed these suspicions.

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If Biden's the Nominee, Might He Pick Michelle Obama as His Vice President?

The good news for Democrats is that the chance that Bernie Sanders will be their nominee in the fall has receded. The bad news is that Joe Biden is no prize as a candidate, which adds urgency to the discussion about who can juice up his ticket as the vice-presidential choice. Party leaders are now hotly debating the topic.

The two have known each other for 30 years. In 1991, Jarrett, then deputy chief of staff to Chicago mayor Richard Daley, interviewed the then 26-year-old Michelle Robinson for a job. The Harvard Law School graduate impressed Jarrett. She exuded competence, as well as character and integrity, Jarrett wrote in her autobiography. Jarrett hired her, was introduced to her fianc�, Barack Obama, and then took the couple under her wing by introducing them to powerful elites in Chicago. So began the rise of the Obama's to the White House. Why not time for a second act?

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Michelle Obama: The Historic Legacy of the Nation's First Black First Lady

For the past two years, Michelle Obama has attended a ceremony in the East Room of White House honoring the country's school counselor of the year as part of her program encouraging students to pursue higher learning. On Friday, she will use the occasion to give her final remarks as first lady of the United States.

As her time in the White House draws to a close, historians note that she leaves behind an unprecedented legacy, not just as the nation's first black first lady and fierce defender of her husband's policies, but as a champion for a healthier nation and access to educational opportunity.

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New Shocking Facts About Michelle Obama's Gender

"Michelle appears in photos and videos to have a very large penis in her pants, her shoulders are wide, her face is very, very masculine. She looks like a tranny," Jones said. "Since the early days of the Obama administration, citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama and said that she is a man."

And even [Barack] Obama has called her over and over again Michael. But new shocking footage has emerged that is being censored off the internet as fast as you can upload it."

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Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

This issue has mostly been that of only a few speculators until Joan Rivers brought it into the mainstream when she told the world that Barack is gay and Michelle is a transgender she died from a relatively simple medical procedure not too long afterwards.

Is the First Lady actually the first, First Man?